International GDR (IRN)

Quantum materials by design

Quantum materials by design
Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science and Chemistry Department

Utrecht University

Ornstein Laboratory, Princetonplein 1, 3584 CC Utrecht, Netherlands


Group leader:

  • Zeila Zanolli

Permanent researchers:

  • Dr. Andrés Rafael Botello Mendez

Post-Doctoral researchers:

  • Pedro M. Monteiro Campos de Melo

PhD students:

  • Riccardo Reho
  • Arnold Kole
  • Pim Keizer

Research topics:

  • First-principles (ab initio) modelling of nanoscale materials, with special focus on quantum materials and applications in nanoelectronics and spintronic devices.
  • The investigation of the electronic and magnetic properties is performed using ground state and beyond ground-state (GW approximation, Bethe-Salpeter equation) Density Functional Theory techniques. Non-Equilibrium Green’s Function is used to model time dependent phenomena, such as spin-polarized quantum transport and time-dependent photoluminescence.
  • The investigated systems include 2D materials (TMDs, monochalcogenides, BN), carbon-based nanostructures (carbon nanotubes, monoatomic carbon chains, graphene, …), hybrid organic-inorganic materials, III-V semiconductor nanowires.