International GDR (IRN)

Nanomat Liege

Centre QMAT (Quantum MATerials) : nanomat Group

Group leader : Matthieu Verstraete

Address :
University of Liege

Permanent staff : Bertrand Dupé

- Optical and excitonic properties of 2D materials in particular TMDs
- Vibrational and dielectric properties of TMDs, graphene, mono-chalcogenides
- Development of novel methods for electronic structure, linear and many body perturbation theory, in general but also specifically for 2D systems

Technical and instrumental facilities:

- Software development for the simulation of materials properties. Packages : Abinit, Aiida, BoltzTraP, SIESTA, Octopus
- High performance computing
- High throughput calculation of advanced materials properties

Research perspectives at short and long term :
- Novel methods for transport calculations in heterostructures
- Properties of defects in 2D materials