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GDR Groups

GDR 2426"Physique Quantique Mésoscopique"
GDR 2449 ’Couches Minces de Carbone Amorphe et Nanostructuré’
GDR DFT++ "Structure électronique des nanostructures et matériaux complexes"

Other Groups

Observatory for Micro and Nanotechnologies (OMNT)
The Nanotube site:
The European Carbon Association

Reference Material

Les Nanotubes, matériau du futur, par Annick Loiseau:
E. Flahaut’s Homepage on Carbon Nanotubes:
Shigeo MARUYAMA’s Fullerene and Carbon Nanotube Site:
Chris Ewels’s Nanotechnology Image Gallery

Nanoscience Video

Nanotechnology: The Next Big Thing (directly online or on video from The Vega Science Trust, who also have a range of other nanotechnology related videos available to view for free.
EU CORDIS, 2 free films on DVD. Order the DVDs via email or fax (pdf or Word for the schools film, pdf or Word for the adult one). Alternatively if you have the Real player you can view them online via these links: Nanotechnology, and Nano : The Next Dimension.
Institute of Nanotechnology CDROM, costs 10 pounds
Begbrooke Online/CDROM resource
Other video links from Nanotechnology Now

Nanoscience brochures

EU brochure, available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portugese, and German.
A la découverte du Nanomonde (en Français)
Nano white papers
Royal Society / Royal Academy of Engineering report on nanotechnology.
Interactive exhibition at the Science Museum, London.